Mobile swimming school and Aquatic therapy center

The mobile swimming pool not only resolves the problem of the lack of aquatic facilities in many areas, but…

  • It is a proper «aquatic school class» where over 800 students can learn to swim in one year
  • It allows those with reduced mobility, overweight, aquaphobic or visually impaired people to access the benefits of swimming
  • It is an indispensable aqua therapy centre for hospitals and health care professionals as well as an area for aquatic leisure activities (aqua fitness, aqua biking …)
  • It travels to care and nursing homes much to the delight of the elderly.

Mobile aquatic classroom

Due to the high construction and maintenance costs of a traditional pool, access to water and to swimming lessons face obstacles in many regions of the world. This lack of infrastructure deprives many children not only from water sports and leisure activity, but also from basic knowledge which is vital for their personality development, contributing to a reduction of mortality by drowning.

The aim of this project is to facilitate access to water to everyone in the regions without adequate swimming infrastructure. In addition, its mobility design and dimension provide a perfect aquatic school where everything has been thought of in terms of efficiency and educational quality.