Portrait of Aqwa Itineris

As part of his humanitarian work, Jean-Francois Buisson found himself confronted with the problem of drowning in developing countries. Infant drowning mortality rates are very high in these regions as the necessary infrastructure to learn how to swim is greatly insufficient.

Therefore, he envisaged a pool, which thanks to its mobility, could easily access the poorest populations. With this idea, the concept of the swimming pool truck was born. It was firstly presented at the «The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne, (EPFL, Switzerland)» and then at «Bern University of Applied Sciences», who had worked on the initial designs.

During discussions with these institutions, we learnt that developing countries were not the only ones deprived of swimming lessons, but that this phenomenon affected other parts of the world lacking fixed installations.

In 2015, Aqwa Itineris became a limited company, AqwaItineris International SA.